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My Ideal Japanese Winter Vacation

Dapatkan kesempatan untuk memenangkan hadiah utama liburan ke Jepang GRATIS dan mencoba bermain ski di Gala Yuzawa, Jepang!! 

Juara 1 : Paket Liburan ke Jepang dengan akomodasi lengkap (untuk 2 orang) ke Gala Yuzawa, Kawazu selama 5 hari 3 malam. Proses ke Jepang akan dilakukan segera setelah pengumuman pemenang
Juara 2 : Sony Experia Z3
Juara 3 : Sony Alpha A5000 Kit 16-50mm

Caranya dapat dilihat di bagian paling akhir post.

♡ Chit n Chat 

As a student that chose to study Japanese language, of course I have my own reason why I chose that. Since I was very very young :v, I've already in love with anything about Japan. Let say anime that were very famous among kids 90s era like Doraemon, Shinchan, Inuyasha and other anime. I used to know only ありがとう that means "thank you" in Japanese :v but because I've already learnt a lot about Japan, well, obviously, they have more than that :v

You know, I'm freakin want to go to Japan for a holiday! As a student, I don't have enough money to go there T_T. I've tried 文部科学省 or a scholarship from Japanese Government that gives you full scholarship to study in Japan for 1 year, plus the allowance and so on, CRAZY huh? But, yeah, I failed, so I can't go there T_T (泣). Then, there was an opportunity to have internship in Tokyo, Japan. Well, since I wasn't too much can speak Japanese, I failed on the interview, again T_T. But well then, guess what, right know I'm more confident to speak Japanese loh. I'm so proud that I've never learnt Japanese before when I chose to be the student of Japanese Department, but I can speak or write Japan better now, almost 4 years I studied Japanese. 日本語で話しましょう, anyone :v?

Well, let me share beautiful story about what I've experienced since I'm being a student of Japanese Department. Ah, because of privacy, I don't tell a name on these photos and let the picture be not too large because I know Japanese keeps their privacy so well.

Cha no Yu simulator? Yes, this is a small class of Japanese Tea Ceremony, but not the real one.
Jakarta Japan Matsuri opening, I enjoyed the performance of them (the most right and left)
Spot the most kawaii girl here! That's my 先生. She's from Osaka.

Left side one is also my 先生.
Ah, never forget it. This was welcoming party (?) of 大阪大学's students. They're coming to Indonesia for home stay.

Bought some souvenirs so they can take "Indonesia" home.
My home stay guest from Osaka.
Second home stay program. That was from 和歌山大学's students.
My home stay guest from Wakayama, and my sists. Oh, that's my dog also, Domo >,<
Simple Sayonara Party with Wadai's students

I also have a blog about Japan. You may check it out here: I hope you can get enough info there. But sorry, I'm not updating it right now :(

♡ My Ideal Japanese Winter Vacation 

Someone: Ah, you are student of Japanese Department?
Me: Yes, I am.
Someone: Have you ever visited Japan?
Me: *take a deeeeeep breath* NOPE T-T

Yes, that's the reality. Suck, huh?

Btw, Japan has four seasons and all of that season has their own magical thing that can make us want to visit Japan every single of their season. I know, I know, in this post it should be an ideal winter vacation in Japan, but let I prove you why you can enjoy Japan every single season. I know I've never visited Japan even once in my life, but I've had best places to go if I go to Japan.


Ah, spring, when all flowers bloom again. I'm always dreaming about having picnic bellow the Sakura tree and eating my お節 a.k.a osechi, (Japanese new year food. Google em, they look freakin yummy). Simple, I want to visit here, a beautiful place near Toho Studio, on 仙川 or Sen River, Setagaya, Tokyo.



Indonesia is forever summer, isn't it? Lol. Summer is identical with beach. But, Japan has a lot of 祭り or festival to enjoy when summer come. Gion Matsuri, someday okay? This is one of festival that I want to participate at. And the special thing is, there's a lot of small stands that sells a lot of Japanese food, yum yum!



Autumn, one of my favorite season *yeah, I know, I've never experienced autumn 泣*. I love then momiji or maple leaves turn into different color like this photo and OMG, have you imagine to be in this place? Kyoto is mother of spectacular autumn panorama according to me. This heavenly place is in Arashiyama, Kyoto. You can surely take a boat on Hozu River to enjoy this view and this place is a must to visit for me when I visit Japan in autumn. Yash honey! I do love photography, I'll take every single photo until my camera memory runs out.



Yay, winter! Finally we start into the topic. A big obsession of every-single-tropical-buddies is, SNOW, why not? We only experience hot and wet every year :v When people that have four seasons on their country hate winter, for us it's our biggest dream: to taste the snow, build a snowman, make a snow angel, play ski then get hypothermia (I know this one isn't a good obsession). We're boring with tropical tree and beach :v *lol, just kidding*, we want all thing become white. We're dreaming about Winter Wonderland ヾ(*´▽`*)ノ

I will tell you MY IDEAL JAPANESE WINTER VACATION in brief :v


Talking about winter in Japan, Hokkaido will pop up in my mind. Yes, as a place that placed very upper in entire Japan, we can imagine how cold is Hokkaido. The famous festival in Hokkaido especially in Sapporo is Sapporo Snow Festival. There're a lot of arts made from snow like this. Beautiful isn't it? But, seriously, you need extend your time if you want to visit Hokkaido via Tokyo because it's quite far :3 But, it's worth it!



When it's winter, no doubt it will super cold. Come into 温泉 or hot spring will make you warmer and super relax. For you that have watched 千と千尋の神隠し or Spirited Away by Miyazaki Hayao-san, you can see how they love onsen. Onsen can be indoor or outdoor.

This is Kusatsu Onsen, placed in Gunma-ken. Hella yeiy, I want to go there so bad.


FYI, don't be shock. There're some onsen you must take off all your clothes, totally naked. Maybe for us that are not Japanese will be so shy, right? But don't worry, women and men is separated. Before you come in to onsen, it's a must to clean up all your entire body.

And another onsen to visit on winter is Jigokudani Monkey Park, Nagano. Maybe this place can be called as Monkey Hot Spring. Lol! See, how they enjoy the onsen. When winter, a lot of かわいい monkeys will go down from the mountain because it's so freezing on mountain, and they soak their body in hot spring to get their body warmer. Look their reddish face, aw so cute!

Then, how about relax in onsen by seeing 富士山 or Mt. Fuji? OMG I want!! Kawaguchi Ko has this strategist place. Imagine you are relaxing in onsen with Mt. Fuji view.



It's super mainstream when you visit Japan but still choosing hotel to stay. I'm so excited to experience living in Japanese traditional house. A lot of place in Japan have already provided ryoukan as a place for tourist stay. It's like hotel, but not like hotel. Confused huh? :v It's more like Japanese traditional house, but guest can pay it like hotel to stay for night. I want spend all my night in Japan by sleeping on futon, Japanese traditional bed (?).



I owned a dog, have watched film about Hachiko, so there's no question why I must visit this place although for only taking pictures. It takes place in Shibuya.



Shop till u drop! I can shop like maniac in Takeshita Dori, Harajuku. I love fashion and accesories so so soo much. This place can runs out my money in flash.



Every season has its own "limited edition" things. Because it's winter, it becomes 冬期限定 or fuyuki gentei that can translated as "winter limited edition". The "limited edition" is dominated by food and snack. You can have "limited edition" food at sushi bar, they usually serve food that only being served on winter. Then if you go to supermarket or something like that, you will find "limited edition" snack with super cute design and you only find them on winter. I'm all about blue and cute packaging.

Yash, also the packaging of beauty needs.



Yes, food hun! I do love eat so I do love food. Maybe a bit longer for this part because, seriously, I love Japanese food so so so sooo much. Like if there's someone that ask me for a lunch or dinner, don't hesitate to choose Japanese restaurant, I won't reject! Like, hell yeah, I can digest every single Japanese food, raw or well-cooked. When people has been asked about Japanese food, they maybe will answer sushi, ramen, etc.
これから, I'll show you some food that I want eat directly in Japan. Caution, photos contain graphic :v Well just kidding, ready to be hungry?

Takoyaki. I know it's kinda mainstream Japanese food, I think everybody has already known, no need explanation about this street food. But, someone said that Osaka's Takoyaki is the best one.

Okonomiyaki. Another mainstream Japanese street food but, what I show in this picture is Hiroshima style one *drooling*. What makes it a bit different with usual Okonomiyaki? You can see there're Yakisoba, Japanese noodle there and topped with scrambled egg *drooling*. OMG, I know making this Okonomiyaki will cause a serious mess :v (you must flip it when the noodles are potentially separated), so you need professional one to make this Hiroshima Okonomiyaki becomes this pretty yet delicious.

Chicken Nanban. OMG this one is my favorite! Japan serves very delicious karaage, kinda fried boneless chicken. If it's topped with tartar sauce, poooffffff, magic, mind blown and drooling like maniac. It's Chicken Nanban!

Ramen and Gyoza. They are besties and perfect match. Super mainstream food in Indonesia, but some restaurants cook it in Indonesian style, so I need eat Japanese one :3


Ekiben. Ekiben (駅弁) literally means station's food, 駅 stands for railway station and 弁 stand for bento. You may find Ekiben in Japan's railway station. OMG, they look so delicious. Maybe I will take a long time to choose.

Mont Blanc. Very famous delicious desert in Japan. I'll describe the taste till I can taste it by myself :3



Bullet train. Yes, it runs like bullet, super fast, it can reach 300km/hour. Crazy! And just FYI, Shinkansen ticket costs more expensive than airplane ticket in Japan, so taking Shinkansen may be luxurious thing :v But good news, Japan gives more cheaper cost of Shinkansen ticket for tourist. 
My 先生 has ever told me that, when you sit in Shinkansen, you won't feel the fast of this train. So, try to squat in Japanese style toilet, you will feel it, only if you that curious.



Oooooff courseee! It's a must! When you visit Japan in winter, there's no such as winter if you don't try to play ski especially you're from tropical country like me :') Japan offers a lot of place to skiing.


♡ Tokyo Rail Days - Gala Yuzawa 

Tokyo Rail Days can be chosen when you want to visit Japan but confuse where to go. Tokyo Rail Days is boarding trains start from Tokyo Station. Many kinds of fascination will await you in Japan; such as skiing, onsen or hot spring, great view of nature, shopping, traditional food etc. You can easily experience them, saving your money with Tokyo Rail Days. You can book the ticket in Indonesia! Tokyo Rail Days offers you 3 Easy steps!

Tokyo Rail Days has recommend routes to Gala Yuzawa. Gala Yuzawa is a recommended place for skiing. Only 77 minutes by the double-decker Shinkansen from Tokyo Station to this "snowy wonderland". No transfer, direct access to GALA Yuzawa Snow Resort. GALA Yuzawa is in the town of Echigo Yuzawa in Niigata Prefecture. Located about 200 kms to the north of Tokyo, the area is famous for its impressive snowfall, and with skiing from 1,181m down to 358m, GALA Yuzawa resort is the perfect place to enjoy the excellent snow conditions.

Interested? See the promotion too! Here you are!

And I want to tell you special offer.

Kapan lagi ke Jepang GRATIS? Yuk ikutan!
Caranya gampang banget kok!

Special thanks untuk Bina Blog Indonesia bekerja sama dengan Tokyo Rail Days Indonesia mengadakan lomba untuk memenangkan trip ke Jepang GRATIS! 

Menangkan banyak hadiah menarik yaitu Paket wisata ke Ski Resort Gala Yuzawa, Jepang bersama pasangan, smartphone model terbaru dan kamera mirrorless.

Hanya modal menulis di blog kamu "My Ideal Japanese Winter Vacation", impian kamu ke Jepang bisa terwujud dan GRATIS TIS TIS!

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