Thursday, March 26, 2015

Stay Active and Healthy with Yogurt

I love food, that much. Not the healthy one btw (pff), but the junk one. My weight isn't proportional and acne usually appear on my face. Since I grow up, I really aware that what I've consumed is what I "save" for my health. If I keep eating junk, I don't know what kind of disease I will get since I don't like to eat vegetables and rarely to consume fruits.

I must find the way to stay healthy although I don't like to eat vegetable and rarely to consume fruits. The best way is drink yogurt.

Yogurt is a fermented milk with Lactic Acid Bacteria. Because it's made from milk, yogurt contains all the goodness of milk such as vitamins, minerals, calcium, zinc, and betahydroxy acid with the benefits of good bacteria that produced from the fermentation. Yogurt is more easily digested by the body than milk. So, there is no reason for people with lactose intolerance to not get calcium intake.

If you're that afraid to drink yogurt because of the sourness, don't worry. Heavenly Blush yogurt is not! Heavenly Blush yogurt is made with good taste and right level of sourness. Honestly this is my time I drink yogurt that has no super sour flavor, I bet you.

Heavenly Blush is a nutritionally balanced yogurt based to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Living a happy and healthy balanced life should be the right of every individual. The circumstances play a role in determine what actions people take when it comes to living healthy and Heavenly Blush job is to make the choice of living healthy easier.

It comes in 200 ml tetra-pack, produced by aseptic way so it makes Heavenly Blush Yogurt Drink To Go becomes healthy beverages To Go that won't be expired that fast although made without the preservatives. This yogurt is low-fat and hi calcium, and also being added the excellent prebiotic fiber for digestive health. It comes in three variant: Strawberry, Peach and Blackcurrant.



The benefits and excellence of Heavenly Blush:
  1. Hi - Calcium, to support your active lifestyle
  2. Low fat - only 100 calories, perfect for those who are on diet
  3. Less Sugar
  4. Contains prebiotics (inulin and GOS) that help digestive keeps health, lower the cholesterol, stabilize blood sugar and blood pressure. 

Do you know other functions of yogurt?

  1. It makes your bone strong so you can keep active all the day. Yogurt contains calcium so it's good for your bone
  2. Lower the cholesterol, lower the high blood pressure and prevent from heart disease. Drink yogurt everyday can reduce the level of cholesterol and high blood pressure. Yogurt prevent the absorption of cholesterol in our blood. The folic acid and vitamin B complex can prevent coronary heart disease
  3. Healthy and beauty skin. Yogurt is rich in zinc, vitamin B, and betahydroxy acid. These substances make our skin more moist, soft, and free from acne, even when you in pre-menstruation (for women)
  4. Neutralize antibiotic. When consuming antibiotics, not only pathogenic bacteria dies but also the good bacteria. Therefore we often feel limp and tired when the recovery period after illness. Yogurt can help increase the amount of good bacteria in our bodies so the recovery can be quick.
  5. Good for feminine health. Yogurt can keep the pH balance.

So, when is the right time to drink yogurt?
  1. Breakfast. If you're on diet, you can drink yogurt for your breakfast. It's only 100 calories and the calcium will give the signal for the fat cells to produce less cortisol so it can be effective for weightless program.
  2. Healthy snack. Around 3-5 o'clock, you want to have snack of course, but if you're too afraid to eat snack because it can gain your weight, snacking with yogurt instead.
  3. After meal. You will never know how low or high cholesterol in your food that have you eaten. So, just drink yogurt to adsorb the cholesterol in your blood.
  4. Before bedtime. Recommended time to drink yogurt because it can "clean" your stomach so the next day you can have your "daily morning routine" with no any problems.

I like to have my yogurt cold because it's more refreshing, so before I drink it, I put it on the fridge.

As a student, I almost every day go to school and do a lot of activity. For example if I want to go to school, I take train to go there. I walk about 10 minutes to the railway station from my home then I need to transit two times after that I walk again about 15 minutes to go to my school. I can just take public transportation if I don't want to walk. But as I said before, my weight isn't proportional, I'm not a sport-maniac, I don't like vegetables, rarely eat fruits, but I need to live actively. The sport that I like is only walking because it's cheap and fun, when I walk alone, a lot of inspiration can pop up on my mind :v. And of course I want grow old with strong bone :v.  

I like to hike mountain and camping. I've ever hiked a mountain for 7-8 hours by walk and all the ways are up-hill. And of course one day I will hike another mountain, so I need my bone stay strong (and of course reduce some weight :v). I am fat, but I like to live active! 

This HEAVENLY BLUSH YOGURT helps me that much! I can get all that my body's want!

My favorite one is blackcurrant. What's yours?

Btw if you've never tried this yogurt before, just go to the supermarket or nearest convenience store. The price is only IDR 7.600.




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