Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How I Deal with My Morning Hair

This post is inspired by CASPER (

Mooooooooooorrrning! Well, maybe it's not morning for some of you, but who's care? Lol. Casper is a new mattress company that just started in April and, depending on how comfortable your mattress is, it is easy to wake up with terrible bed head. Okay, let's talk about morning hair. Our hair can be like out-of-control frizz, untamable tress-mess, or mangled tangles because we never know what kind of kung fu we did until we find out what heck our hair becomes. 

Some of us can be sexy with morning hair. No, I didn't say that I'm included to that group. Lol. But, I mean, girls, are you really want to have that look for going outside? Maybe it will be sexier for photo session, not for going out because you will look more like, someone depressed.

Let I show you my morning hair. These photos are really be taken on the morning.

Uuu, see my sexy pimples? XD

In this post, I'll show you my routine for dealing with my morning hair. Not a special or specific routine. Just how to make my hair not that tangled and you're ready to go out.

Because my hair is really thick and long, I can't use comb. Really. Maybe I've already broken dozens of combs entire my life. So, I usually use this kind of hair brush every day.

Maybe you will think, this post gonna be "how to brush your hair" as well than tips or tricks to deal with morning hair. Lol. But remember, good brushing will be a good way to manage your morning hair *applause*.

As it's me, I do a random brush on entire my hair, with light hand. Light hand okay? So, if there's a tangle, just move to other section that brush-able. Just light hand, effortless, easy way.

Then I divide my hair into two sections.

Start brushing from the end of your hair. Now, put a bit effort to brush it.

I brush the front and the back side. Make sure you brush it until the tangles are minimized.

As you go, go upper. Brush the front and back side too.

Then, I put all my hair to one same side and brush them again.

Then I make a ponytail to brush my nape's hair.

That's pretty much it! Just using brush, I turn my hair more tamable.

Wait, it's not always be a happy ending. Sometime I'll find unruly tangles and like, OK bye, I'll cut you! But, since I found this product, my problem solved.

I've reviewed this product HERE and maybe some of you have read the post. If I find the unruly tangle, I just spray it on my hair then brush the tangle.

For minimize the hair problem in the morning, at night I brush my hair with same way. Then, I'll give my hair this hair oil so it's not too dry and it will be easy to brush my hair the next day.

Usually I do high bun for my hair so it becomes easier to brush it too for the next day and get the effortless wavy beach hair :v Yes, it is! Efficient!

Leave comment bellow how you deal with your morning hair! I want to know. Maybe I can use those tips and tricks too. See ya for the next post!

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  1. Cute post~ I find that if I blow dry my hair in the opposite direction of my part, volume holds throughout the day even when it's humid outside.

    New blogger ^_^ Come visit my first posts!

    1. Wow nice tips! I'll try it later.
      Sure I'll pay a visit on ur blog ^^
      By the way welcome and happy blogging

  2. hello, i've nominated you for Liebster Award, kindly check my post

    nice to know you :(

    1. thank you for tagging me ^^
      I hope I have much much time to do it :(

      nice to know u too^^



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