• I am not a professional or whatever. I'm just a student that loving and have a huge passion on cosmetics, make up, photography, travelling, hiking, writing, singing, drawing and especially MAKING FRIENDS :D I can be shy if meet someone new, but I can become insane if you know me so well :3

  • I have neutral undertone skin. My skin condition are: oily combination, acne scars and big pores that are very hard to be vanished :<, very sensitive



  • SUPER PLEASE DO NOT copy my photos or posts without my permission, whatever the reasons are. Respect my efforts to make the posts and take the photos. So, how to use my photos or quote my posts? (1) Let me know, what's your purpose (you can comment on my blog post or ask me via my social medias) (2) Link my blog and don't edit or delete my photo's watermark

  • I use two languages in almost all my posts. My Indonesia-English translation can be different but the points are same. I do this because I want my Indonesian friends and International friends feel easily to read my post :)

  • I do love travel and food. Sometime I will write about them too. So, my blog is not just about beauty :)

  • All review of products are pure 100% from my experience of using that products, no influence from others (like sponsor, etc). Our skin type of course can be different. So, don't judge the products only according to my reviews ^^ The shades, colors and other swatches are very depending the lightning, ISO of my camera, settings, etc, so they may be little bit different.

  • If you find my photos that I have good and flawless skin, it's only about good lighting XD

  • I use DSLR (or SLR? I don't know the difference) Canon EOS Kiss X5, The New Ipad (Ipad 3), iPhone 6s+ and Samsung Galaxi Camera 2 for taking photo.

  • Some of products I bought with my own money and some of them are sponsored. I do honest review, so if the review is good, it's not mean I've been influenced.



  • I DON'T ACCEPT sample size product like sachet, share bottle, etc. Don't get me wrong about this. Why? Because I can't really review the product works well or not on me if the product runs out fast. Travel size may be consideration.

  • I do honest review, so if the review is good, it's not mean I've been influenced. And if the review is bad, maybe it doesn't work well on me so once again don't judge the products only according to my reviews or me don't likey :P.


I'm super welcome for your questions, critics or comments on my blog and social medias in Bahasa Indonesia, English or 日本語. I will reply you as soon I can. But if you are spamming or make a rude comment, I'll delete it asap :)

Keep in touch with me and feel free to ask me on:
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Instagram : @queenno
Ask.fm: ask.fm/QwnNobelia
Email : queen_nobeli@yahoo.co.id


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  1. Very interesting banget mbak. :)
    Good Luck. :D



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